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Read The First Online User Review Of Analogue Alchemist E3 Record Cleaner.

Cards on the table, we've known Oli for a couple of years, we post regularly on his site Audio Addicts and we sent him a free 20ml sample bottle of E3. He has a good set of ears, he's picky about his vinyl playback, picky enough to have co-created a Valve Hybrid Phonostage with JFET input stage called the BigBottle, you can read even more about it over on

Does he like it?

Oli put E3 head to head with three other cleaners and some of his favourite old vinyl.

"...Simon knows that if I was to find it to be less than ideal, I would say so. It's very brave to send anything to me these days, and as the number of people that are willing to let me try their stuff dwindles, I'd just like to say thank you for letting me try it out. Truth is, it's a great product. It works. Not only did it work, it made an improvement to my sound quality. The sound I get as a whole is now better than it was before I used the fluid. 

To me, that makes this fluid a no brainer."


More to come?

With orders coming in all the time we expect there will be a load more user experiences shared on the web. We'll do our best to collect them and share them with you. If you can't wait, take the plunge today and buy yourself a bottle of E3 Triple Action Enzymatic Record Cleaning Solution.

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