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Analogue Alchemist Vinyl Record Cleaner?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Vinyl is the archival music medium of choice for music lovers and serious audiophiles the world over. With a warmer, richer sound than digital, a top class vinyl playback system gives endless listening pleasure.

At Analogue Alchemist we're focused on helping you get the very best from your record collection. We have looked at every part of the vinyl playback chain and have created a range of accessory products that are designed to help keep your turntable running smoothly, your vinyl sounding pop and click free and maximise the playback life of your cartridge.

The first of our products to launch is our E3 Ezymatic Record Cleaning Solution. E3 harnesses the cleaning power of enzymes to keep your records clean and eliminate unwanted playback noise.

Our powerful, Isopropyl alcohol free formulation will not leach plasticisers from your treasured records and leaves them beautifully clean and glossy and ready for years of musical enjoyment.

Suitable for all wet-vac, ultrasonic bath and hand cleaning methods Analogue Alchemist E3 Enzymatic Record Cleaner comes in a 20ml bottle size for curious music lovers who want to sample the power of enzymatic record cleaning and also 100ml bottle sizes for experienced audiophiles who already know what's best for their treasured vinyl records.

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