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Analogue Alchemist E3 Enzymatic Record Cleaner User Guide

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Just click below to download the simple E3 Enzymatic Record Cleaner user guide PDF.

The latest and greatest record cleaning solution, packed with powerful enzymatic cleaning power Analogue Alchemist E3 will cut through mould growth, deep grime, oily marks and fingerprints, lifting the detritus from the deepest recesses of every record groove it'll bring you favourite records back to their very best.

Unlike other record cleaners, our Ispoproyl Alcohol-free formulation won't leach critical plasticisers from your records during long term use. Our choice our stearate free surfactants also gives it an incredibly long shelf life, especially once diluted. It has been specifically formulated to be kind to vinyl but tough on the causes of ticks and pops.

Available in 20ml sampler bottles and super concentrated 100ml pump-action spray dispensers it's the powerful record cleaner you've been waiting for. Designed for all wet-vac record cleaning and ultrasonics cleaners, if you really care for your records you should clean and protect them with Analogue Alchemist E3 Enzymatic Record Cleaner today!

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