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A Free Stylus Overhang Adjustment Template

Analogue Alchemist are giving away free cartridge and turntable set-up templates. Just download and print to use these templates to help set up your turntable and cartridge. The stylus overhang template is the first one, we'll do some more in the next few weeks.

What's Stylus Overhang?

Stylus overhang is the amount that the tip of your stylus extends beyond the spindle of your turntable when you line up the arm with the middle of the record. It's not a place we normally put the cartridge, but Stylus Overhang is one of the measurement that you need to adjust when fitting and aligning a new cartridge.

Why Stylus Overhang Important?

Correct stylus overhang is a shortcut to easy cartridge alignment. On any turntable the measurement that matters is the tonearm pivot to main bearing spindle distance, (pivot to spindle). From this measurment you can calculate the optimum value for everything else, tonearm effective length, headshell offset angle and stylus overhang. Once you know what your stylus overhang measurement should be you can jump striaght in and fit your cartridge to your headshell and then adjust the cartridge position in the headshell until you get the correct overhang. Once you have the correct overhang, then you can adjust the cart alignment.

It's a lot easier doing it this way, rather than just fitting a cart and guessing where overhang should be by trial and error nudging the cart back and forth in the headshell while you dial in alignment with an arc protractor.

You can get your free Analogue Alchemist Stylus Overhang Template by clicking the link below. Once you've downloaded it print the PDF file out at 100% scaling, don't try to enalrge or shrink it, the file will print out easily on an A4 page.

Once you've printed the template out let the paper dry for a while and then carefully cut out the centre of the central square, the inside edge of this is sized to 7.2mm to find over your turntable main bearing spindle. Stack a few records over the spindle to raise it up to height and you're good to go.

Let us know how you get on.

Download PDF • 806KB

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