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We're music lovers, plain and simple. We just can't get enough. Gigs, broadcasts, recordings of all kind, we love it all.

Vinyl is the archival music medium of choice for music lovers and serious audiophiles the world over. With a warmer, richer sound than digital, a top class vinyl playback system gives endless listening pleasure.

Don't get us wrong, there is loads of great digital playback kit that you can buy, we even own some of it ourselves. But when the lights go down, and our favourite whisky gets poured you'll invariably find us listening to one of our favourite records.

That's why we've spent our spare time researching, developing and testing a range of products to help improve your vinyl playback experience. Our first product is our E3 Enzymatic Record Cleaning Solution, other new products are scheduled to be released soon. 

Stacks of Records

Paul C. / Reference Fidelity components

E3 Record Cleaner really works. Just buy it!

Oli. L / Audio Addicts

Truth is, it's a great product. It works. Not only did it work, it made an improvement to my sound quality. The sound i get as a whole is now better than it was before i used the fluid. 

To me, that makes this fluid a no brainer. 

Tim /Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Cleaner

The vinyl looks great after cleaning. It looks really clean to the naked eye. The sound quality has been improved on every record I’ve done. All have sounded great. Very very clean with low noise floor.
E3 clearly cleans really well. I’ve had no pick up of debris on the stylus on any of these records, which is a brilliant result.



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